The Best Riding Lawn Mower Guide

Shopping for the best riding lawn mower can be a confusing task. You’re not sure what features are important or who makes the best quality. It’s easy to make a mistake and buy a lawn mower that’s... Show More just wrong for you or for your needs. But you’ve come to the right place. Our experts reviewed and ranked the best and newest riding lawn mowers  – check out our updated list for the best lawn mowers to buy online. Show Less
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Your Best Lawn Mower Guide

Summer is here and with it that weekly pastime: mowing the lawn. While it can be quite a chore, choosing the right lawn mower is crucial to making it easier and leaving your lawn pristine.

Choosing the lawn mower online:

Before you buy a lawn you need to consider your lawn. While you may think every lawn is the same, each is unique with different types of grass and different types of terrain. This influences what mower is right for you with more powerful motors needed for rougher grass or hilly terrain.

Different types of lawn mowers:

Most lawn mowers are one of two basic types:

rotary and hover. Rotary mowers have a single rotating blade that works close to the ground. They are versatile and can handle almost any terrain and work best against long or rough grass. Hover mowers have blades that float above the ground so they’re easier to maneuver around uneven terrain and unusual shaped lawns.

Most important features in a lawn mower:

The most important features are deck size and grass management. Deck size refers to the area your lawn mower can cover at once and so the bigger the deck size the fewer passes you will have to make over your whole lawn. Grass management is what you do with the grass being cut. Some mower simply discharge the grass to the side of the mower to be raked up later. Others expel the grass into an attached bag while some even mulch up the grass and expel it back on the lawn to create a sort of fertilizer. Depending on how many option a lawn mower has the price may change.

How we picked the best lawn mower:

We determined what were the best lawn mowers based on a few criteria.

  1. How many features relative to price did the machine offer;
  2. Customer surveys and rating;
  3. How durable and cost efficient are the machines.

Bottom Line

Best Overall Lawn Mower: Husqvarna Z254

An impressive construction and powerful motor make this machine one of the best on the market and highly recommended.

Most Value: Troy-Bilt 382cc 30-Inch

Easy to handle while still being powerful enough to handle the toughest of lawns, this riding lawn mower offers great value to homeowners

Honorobale mention: Husqvarna Automower

A game changer in the world of lawn care, this little lawn mower will leave your lawn in excellent shape and give you more time to enjoy your day off.