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The Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

Choosing the best Bluetooth headphones is no easy task so we reviewed the best wireless headphones in the market to make the decision easier for you. Shopping for the best headphones can be a daunting... Show More task. You’re not sure what features are important or who makes the best quality headphones. Compbrella experts are here to help! we reviewed and ranked the best and newest noise cancelling wireless headphones – check out our monthly updated list for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones to buy online. Show Less
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Product Highlights
  • Powerful noise cancelling headphones: 11 levels of active noise cancelling let you enjoy music, podcasts, videos & calls without distractions
  • Astonishing sound: Crisp, clear details. Deep, full bass. These wireless headphones produce exciting, lifelike sound that’s full and balanced at every volume level
  • Unrivaled voice pickup: A revolutionary microphone system adapts to noisy and windy environments so your voice always sounds crystal clear on calls
  • Keep your head up and hands free: With easy access to voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant for music, navigation, weather, and more, and intuitive touch control on the earcups — you can stay connected without reaching for your phone
  • Premium design and comfort: With a lightweight stainless steel headband and earcups tilted for the perfect fit, you can comfortably wear these bluetooth headphones for hours
  • Up to 20 hours of non-stop music: Get up to 20 hours of wireless battery life on a single charge
  • One touch to listen to Spotify: Instantly listen to your last Spotify session or discover new music by tapping and holding the right earcup. Currently only available when using iOS devices with your headphones
  • Pair with Bose soundbar: Use Bose SimpleSync technology to pair these wireless bluetooth headphones to the Bose smart soundbar 300, 500 or 700 for a personal listening experience.
  • Alexa to Alexa calling: Use these wireless noise cancelling headphones to place a call to a Bose smart device or the Amazon Echo device with the Alexa mobile app
Product Highlights
  • Built from Legend drivers that push the sound forward The 43mm drivers in the Px7 are the largest in our headphone collection built and tuned by the same engineers behind the Bowers & Wilkins 800 Series diamond speakers used in Abbey road studios
  • Cancels noise clean out adaptive noise cancelling that automatically Responds to your environment to keep the outside world out of the music
  • 30 hours of possibility you can do a lot in 30 hours You could fly from California to London and back with some time to spare You could also Start a band or see every stage At The festival twice Listen uninterrupted on a single battery charge And if that’s not enough a 15 minute quick charge gets you 6 more hours
  • Follow your lead the Px7 obeys your every move Lift an ear cup to hear what’s happening around you and the music automatically stops Put it back and the music plays on
  • Inspired by race cars The carbon fiber composite arms of the Px7 mimic the strength and agility of the fastest vehicles in the world channeling pure sound to you and holding up against everyday wear and tear So Throw them in your overnight bag or your work bag and get ready to plunge into sound
  • The first time you switch on your headphones, Bluetooth pairing mode will be enabled, the indicator will flash blue. If pairing mode is not enabled, please slide and hold the power switch to the upper (Bluetooth Icon) position for 5 seconds, let go when the indicator blinks blue and when an audible cue is presented.
  • Your headphones can simultaneously connect to device and can remember up to eight paired Bluetooth devices.
Product Highlights
  • Active Noise Cancelling technology. Significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between. Advanced active noise reduction technology quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, makes you focus on what you want to hear,enjoy your music, movies and videos. The noise cancellation function can work well both in wire and wireless mode.
  • Proprietary 45mm large-aperture drivers. Deep, accurate bass response. The Active Noise Cancelling around-ear headphones from COWIN give you crisp, powerful sound and quiet that helps you enjoy your music better. The goal that provide Customers with better sound quality, is our constant pursuit.
  • High-quality built-in Microphone and NFC technology. COWIN E7 provides high-quality built-in microphone for hands-free calls, Which is convenient for you to free yourself from wires. NFC pairing aided by voice prompts, promises quick and stable connection with your Bluetooth enabled devices, Powerful Bluetooth Function.
  • The professional protein earpad and 90° swiveling earcups. More durability and comfort, Enjoy high-quality, Long-listen comfort. Skin texture, lightweight comfortable around-ear fit you can wear all day long. Gentle Reminder: please take off the headphone every 2-3 hrs to get your ears relax, in order to get better hearing enjoyment, and keep the head comfortable.
  • 30 hours playtime per charge at Bluetooth mode. A built-in 750mAh battery won’t allow your headphones power off, you can enjoy your world without noise for 30 hours’ long time. Don’t need to worry the power shortage problem on the long travel. 18-month warranty and quick response & friendly customer service. Dedicated customer service team, provide you with quick response and friendly customer service, which will always serve for you and certainly satisfy you.

The Best Wireless Workout Headphones

Compbrella Guide for the Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones

With commutes growing longer, open space offices getting louder, and flights filling up to the top, the need for wireless Bluetooth headphones has never been greater. Users need them to be able to block out the world around them, either to concentrate at work or to enjoy a few moments of quiet relaxation on the bus. Technology has changed so much over the past two decades. It used to be that if you had headphones you would also have a portable CD player or Walkman, and of course, they were connected to the device by wires, frequently leaving you tangled up at some point. When the digital revolution came and brought wi-fi, smartphones, and endless amounts of music in our pockets, our headphones were the next device that we were able to cut the cords for. Today, Bluetooth technology is the backbone of the wireless headphone industry, with options ranging from cheap and simple no-name brands to high-end, cutting edge designs from the world’s leading electronics companies.

What are the key features to look for in Wireless Bluetooth Headphones?

Manufacturers are constantly trying to out-perform each other with regards to sound, design, and performance, and shoppers can get very confused when trying to decide which are the best Bluetooth headphones for them. Depending on who you are, you may prefer Bluetooth headphones that are more suited to crisp, speech-emphasizing podcasts and movies than to booming, bass-heavy hip hop sounds. Maybe you need them for the gym so you’re better off with something sturdier that won’t fall apart after a few too many sweaty workout sessions. Or maybe you’re more fashion conscious and want headphones that combine luxury quality leather with sleek modern design. With these considerations in mind, there are a few features that you have to examine before making a purchase that’s right for you:

  • Comfort and Fit: Think about how you’re going to use these wireless headphones. The best Bluetooth headphones for running are not going to be the best for listening to music while you work at your desk. Wireless headphones come in a variety of forms like earbuds and over-ears and the difference between them will mean whether you enjoy the experience or not. If you’re listening at your desk all day you might enjoy over-ear muffs that rest on your ears instead of buds inserted inside them blasting music. Conversely, if you’re planning on running a 10k, you will probably prefer light buds with ear hooks instead of over-ears that can get heavy or their padding sweaty.
  • Noise Cancelling: Noise-canceling headphones emit specific tones while you use them to block outside noise. Your need for noise cancellation headphones depends on where you’ll use them. You may use them primarily at work so you’ll need something that allows you to easily tune in to what’s going on in the office. On the other hand, you may use them only on your commute and so will want something that drowns out the world around you.
  • Battery Life: The next important feature to consider is battery life. Some last for five hours some for 20 and which wireless headphones you buy will depend on your needs. If you’re using them at work for nine hours straight you’ll one, but if it’s just for a quick workout the five hours will do. How the Bluetooth headphones charge is also important. Do you need batteries? Device-specific cable? I prefer devices that are USB charged. You can always pick up a spare cable if you lose the original and you’ll never be without.
  • Sound Quality: You can do all the research in the world but if you make a mistake and buy Bluetooth headphones that sounds bad then you’re just out of luck. Read what users have to say about sound quality, go to the stores and try them out. Sound preference is as individual as the user. Some wireless headphones sound amazing when listening to bass-heavy hip hop but sound dull when listening to higher sounds with more dynamic range.

What are the differences styles of Wireless Bluetooth headphones?

There are four main types of Bluetooth headphones: in-ear, on-ear, over-ear, and earbuds. The choice comes down to what you’re using them for. Maybe you need wireless headphones for the gym so you’re better off with something sturdier that won’t fall apart after a few too many sweaty workout sessions. Or maybe you’re more fashion conscious and want  Bluetooth headphones that combine luxury quality leather with sleek modern design.

In-ear: In-ear headphones are headphones that fill the inside of your ear canal. These are the best headphones for running and working. Usually, there’s some level of noise isolation but not at the level of big headphones. Despite the small earpieces, in-ears are usually connected by either wires or a band that rests on the back of your neck.

Earbuds: Earbuds are the most ubiquitous and standard earphones available. Most phones and portable music devices provide them and they can be bought at a range of price points. The sound is not as good as in-ears though, but like them, they are connected by a wire or neckband.

Over-ear: These headphones have padded ear cups that enclose the ears. The best sounding headphones with the highest quality noise cancellation are usually over-ear headphones  and they are best for listening to music. They are larger and heavier than in-ears and earbuds, with an overhead band so they’re better for listening while you work or relaxation and not as good for sports.

On-ear: On-ears are similarly designed as over-ears but instead of enclosing the ears, they rest on them. While the sound quality is very good, noise cancellation is not as high quality so they’re perfect for when wearing while you work when you don’t want to shut out the rest of the office.

Bottom Line

Best Overall: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3

Sleek design and functionality make these wireless headphones a must-have for music lovers on the go.

Best Battery Life: Bose 700

Great value and exceptional sound and design. Highly recommended.

Best Noise Cancellation: Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones II

Highly recommended for audiophiles, commuters, and those that like to cut out all the noise and enjoy themselves.

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