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The Best Electric Breast Pumps

Choosing the best electric breast pump is no easy task, so our experts at Compbrella make it easy for you by reviewing and picking the best Electric Breast Pumps in the market for your comfort and needs.... Show More Check out our monthly updated list for the best breast pumps to buy online. Show Less
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Product Highlights
  • 【Safe Material】This Electric Breast Pump is made of Medical Grade silicone material, all parts are BPA free, CE, FCC, SGS, RoHs certificated. Please enjoy this pump without any worries.
  • 【High Effecient to Use & Clean】Double breast pump can express more milk in less time, which save up to 50-70% of your time. Touchscreen design allow moms to operate with just a slight click(pls press the power button for about 2 seconds to turn on/off).For healthier use, please sterilize or boil all the parts about 5 mins which contacting with breast milk before use.
  • 【4 Modes and 16 Adjustable Suction Power】4 Modes: Auto, Massage, Expression and Memory Function, each mode has 16 different suction levels,there is always one that suits you most. With the memory function, when you power it again, it’s still the same mode that you use last time, save the trouble of adjusting the mode.
  • 【Super Quiet & USB Charging】With Ultra-Quiet Motor, the noise of motor is controlled under 50dB. won’t disturb your sleeping baby or anyone , 1200mAh Li-ion battery built-in, USB charging, so you can charge it with any device with USB port which is more convenient, like wall/car chargers, computers, power banks and express milk anywhere as you want.
  • 【Anti-reflux function & Excellent Customer Service】The anti-backflow design provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up to the pump, prevent infection, and keep the milk fresh. And please contact us first if you have any questions during use or before use.

Compbrella Guide for Choosing the Best Electric Breast Pumps

Breast pumps can be a nursing mother’s best friend. They make the difference between a stressful and at times painful, experience and an easy, no-fuss, take ten minutes out of your day and then you’re back to work chore. While every mom and every baby is different, we decided to focus on those that would need an electric breast pump and how it can help new moms.

What is the difference between a manual pump and an electric pump?

Breast pumps come in two main types: manual and electric. To know what’s right for you, you need to look at what each types is good for.

  • Manuel pumps are hand-operated and are cheaper than electric pumps. They are also easier to carry and don’t require any battery charge. However, they’re not as easy to use or as comfortable to use as electric. They take much longer to express the same amount of milk as an electric pump and they may hurt more. Manual pumps are best as a back up for the mom on the go or for quick day trips but they can be much more cumbersome, frustrating, painful, and time-consuming.
  • Electric pumps are, like the name says, electric. They’re connected either to a battery, electric outlet, or even a car adapter. They can come in single or double versions so moms can express double the amount as they can with a manual pump in much less time. Electric pumps are recommended to moms who are expressing several times a week and need to be efficient and most importantly, comfortable on the go.

What type of electric breast pumps should I buy?

  • Single breast pumps are fine for occasional expression like when the baby is mostly being nursed and bottle feedings are just for on the go or sporadically.
  • Doubles (meaning they work on both breasts at the same) are best for moms that need to frequently express, such as in the early days or when mom has to work. Double breast pumps have the added value of not only halving the time needed (because you’re expressing twice the amount) but also increasing the amount of milk expressed due to stimulation.

What to look for when shopping for electric breast pumps?

In addition to the aforementioned considerations we mentioned (single vs double, manual vs electric), there are few features you should look for before purchasing the best electric breast pump for you:

  • An adjustable vacuum so you can set how hard the pumping will be.
  • Well-fitting flanges so you can protect your breast during pumping. These flanges go over the nipples to prevent abrasions, pain, bleeding, or even infections.
  • Dual-phase expression simulates the natural expression rhythms of babies that alternate between short, shallow sucks and longer deeper ones. This is more comfortable for the mother.

Bottom Line

Best overall: Philips AVENT Double Electric Comfort Breast Pump

This versatile breast pump allows mothers to start off with a gentle stimulation before choosing the expression setting (low, medium, high) while also providing a soft cushion that stimulates the flow. Its unique design allows a number of comfortable pumping positions so moms can express easily and relax.

Best design: Medela Pump in Style Advanced

With its custom backpack, patented 2-phase expression technology, and customization settings, this breast pump affords moms the greatest level of comfort and freedom while they’re getting down to the business of being a mom. The pump comes with several different sized flanges, a cooler bag, and ice pack so moms won’t be tripped up for one moment while they’re at work or out with the family and friends.

Best value: COCOBELA Double Electric Breast Pump

With its multiple suction modes and levels and super quiet, USB charged motor, the Cocobela is the breast pump with the most bang for your back value on the market. Using it is simple and it’s designed to prevent leakage from the tube while all the milk makes it to the bottle, keeping every fresh and clean.


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